P        Position                                                                  Development Director


Salary:                                                                         $40,000.00 – $60,000.00 annually – TBN

                                                                                    Additional incentive based commission possible - TBN


Employment Status:                                                     Full Time (37.5 hr. work week min.) - Exempt Status


Supervisor:                                                                  Reports to the Executive Director


Overtime Status:                                                          Compensatory time; available after 40hrs per work week.


Terms of Employment:                                                 (Colorado law) - Employment is “employment at-will” and can be terminated at any time by the employer, for any reason or no reason, with or without cause.


Employment Exclusions:                                              Contract lobbyists, consultants, or employees of government relations firms shall not qualify for employment in this position.                

Employment Recruitment Priority:                               In keeping with national personnel policy, MSCPVA reserves the right to give the organization’s members, veterans and other disabled individuals priority consideration in employment decisions. (This policy applies only when members and other individuals with disability meet the established requirements for the position).

Scope of Responsibilities:

       Development Director reports to the Executive Director and to the Board of Directors at the direction of the ED on all matters pertaining to: assigned projects; fundraising opportunities, grants under development, sponsor/donor programs and other matters as may be directed.


The Development Director is responsible for providing leadership, vision and guidance for all MSCPVA’s fundraising and income producing efforts. This includes reviewing current fundraising programs and making recommendations to the Executive Director and Board of Directors on the how to improve and diversify MSCPVA’s fundraising efforts. The Development Director shall help structure, develop, promote and operate MSCPVA’s overall fundraising program. Specific program areas include: establishment and maintenance of MSCPVA donor base; development of MSCPVA’s Individual and Planned Giving Program, creation of MSCPVA’s External Fundraising and Grant Development campaign, coordination of MSCPVA’s fundraising effort for the 2010 NVWGs and the initiation of new ventures and special fundraising projects.


Regular Duties:


The Development Director shall:


1.       Ensure that appropriate revenue sources are explored, identified, pursued, and maximized at the lowest possible cost.  Then, continue to expand the fundraising efforts into diversified areas to ensure longevity and stability of fundraising income.


2.       Develop strategy for implementing, monitoring and managing new or special fundraising efforts.


3.       Ensure that MSCPVA's positions on issues and programs are effectively articulated to various public and private markets in an appropriate manner.


4.       Be responsible for continually improving donor relations through ongoing communication program(s).


5.       Manage key vendor relationships, including donor database, external sponsors, grant agencies and other direct mail / marketing service providers.


6.       Provide and seek guidance from the Execute Director and elected leadership on matters pertaining to the fundraising of the organization.


7.       Develop, monitor and implement Board-approved fundraising plans and program budget to insure effective and cost-efficient accomplishment of the organizations goals.


8.       Complete, submit and monitor all PVA national fundraising requests for programs requiring national approval.


9.       Responsible for working with the Executive Director, Chapter President or Vice President and Treasurer to provide timely, accurate financial and analytical information that enables MSCPVA to monitor progress on fundraising efforts and to control costs.


10.   Communicate and articulate complicated fundraising processes to those unfamiliar in the field and the Board of Directors routinely.


11.   Work to expand MSCPVA’s brand visibility and name recognition with the American public, local media, fraternal organizations, community based charities, or others interested in the mission of PVA, or those that may become benefactors of the organization.


12.   Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.


Requirements / Qualifications:


Candidate must have (at minimum) a relevant undergraduate degree. Candidate must have a minimum of 3 years current experience in development, fundraising or corporate giving. The candidate should possess excellent judgment, have a working knowledge of media and public relations, be an effective public speaker and understand the necessity for tact and diplomacy when dealing with external sources and professional contacts. The candidate must be able to demonstrate effective management and interpersonal skills, be able to read and manage a departmental budget and have a working knowledge of grant writing, grant procurement, fundraising and development. The candidate must have a demonstrated ability to work autonomously, yet work and participate within a team atmosphere. The candidate should be knowledgeable and be able to effectively interpret grant applications, grant fulfillment requirements and reporting requirements. The incumbent must be able to articulate their impact on the organization to the ED or BOD. Excellent written, oral, and presentation skills mandatory


·         Candidate must not have been convicted of a felony.

·         Candidate must be eligible to be bonded.

·         Candidate must be willing to subordinate personal political interests for those of the organization.

·         Candidate must be willing to travel.


Interested applicants may apply by sending a resume to:


Paralyzed Veterans of America

Mountain States Chapter

12200 E. Iliff Ave. Ste. 107

Aurora, Colorado 80014

800.833.9400 / 303.597.0039 (fax)

Email: [email protected]


Applicants should be prepared to fill out an employment application and provide references for contact.