We’ve Merged!

“For more than 25 years, the Center for Nonprofit Excellence has been a champion for all nonprofits within the Pikes Peak Region. We are excited about how this opportunity will connect the 1,200 nonprofit organizations in our community to a true statewide network of nonprofits, as well as provide our existing members with additional benefits to help amplify their impact.” – Abby Laine Sienkiewicz, Executive Director of CNE


The decision to unite the two organizations strengthens our collective ability to provide high quality education, networking and advocacy for nonprofits in the Pikes Peak Region, as well as nonprofits statewide. We are building on the foundation of success and results that both organizations have achieved to become stronger together.
Colorado Nonprofit Association was established in 1986 by a group of nonprofit leaders, to serve as the voice of the nonprofit community and to encourage information exchange among nonprofits.

The Association exists to strengthen nonprofits by providing knowledge resources and by advocating for public policies that support a flourishing nonprofit environment. Every day we educate and inform Colorado nonprofits about new ideas, best practices and pressing public policies so that nonprofits can solve problems and achieve greater impact on Colorado communities.

The Association works to ensure Colorado has the nation’s most effective, vibrant and innovative nonprofit community essential to the quality of life in our state.

Every day we provide valuable resources to nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to ultimately benefit Southern Colorado – like awesome workshops, collaborative events, and roundtables that connect you with your peers. For more than 20 years, CNE has been a champion for all causes and missions within the Pikes Peak nonprofit community. We connect people and organizations with the tools they need to be successful and achieve their own missions. Our team meets you where you are and provides ways to increase your effectiveness, so you can increase your impact. We love what we do and hope you will join us in making our community better.
Center of Nonprofit Excellence will become Colorado Nonprofit Association of the Pikes Peak Region.
Abby Laine Sienkiewicz, Amber Coté and Amy Black will join the staff of Colorado Nonprofit Association, focused on serving nonprofits in the Pikes Peak Region. Their titles for the Colorado Nonprofit Association of the Pikes Peak Region will be as follows: vice president, director and coordinator. They will continue to work out of their Colorado Springs office to stay connected and engaged in the community they love.
The CNE board will dissolve by June 30, 2018. Opportunities to serve on committees and other ways to support the work at Colorado Nonprofit Association of the Pikes Peak Region will be explored. One member of the current CNE board will serve on the Colorado Nonprofit Association board of directors to maintain a presence and continuity on behalf of the CNE team and community.
Colorado Nonprofit Association will welcome CNE’s existing members into its membership. As members of Colorado Nonprofit Association, you will continue to have locally delivered professional development programs, roundtables and resources. In addition, CNE members who become members of Colorado Nonprofit Association will also have access to:

We will send you an invoice as usual for renewal. You’ll get an email from your local team which will give you instructions on how to renew.

Watch your inbox from CNE for details on how to renew. Check out some of the amazing extended membership benefits you will receive to help you further your mission.

For some members, membership dues may stay the same or change, depending on your annual operating budget. Your membership will have new benefits such as free, unlimited professional development training. Check out the membership dues for nonprofits and individuals. If you have any questions, please email info@cnecoloradosprings.org or call (719) 575-4341 ext. 10.

If you recently joined CNE, you will automatically be enrolled in our new membership structure. You will not have to do a thing. Your current membership term will remain valid and will have the same renewal date, when you originally joined.
Your membership will remain with Colorado Nonprofit Association; if your CNE membership runs past the renewal period of your current Colorado Nonprofit Association membership will be extended to the CNE renewal date.
You will continue to receive the invaluable benefits of your Colorado Nonprofit Association membership, now with added access to programs, networking opportunities and workshops offered in the Pikes Peak Region.

Our online job board will improve for your organization. Eventually, our online job board will be added to Colorado Nonprofit Association’s online job board, which receives more than 40,000 hits a month from job seekers throughout the state. Merging our job boards will cast a larger net when you are seeking the best talent for your organization.
Colorado Nonprofit Association advocates for public policies that help nonprofits support a high quality of life in Colorado. This includes working directly on relevant statewide policies with state legislators and government agencies, and on federal issues with our national partners (e.g. National Council of Nonprofits, Independent Sector, etc.).

We offer trainings and informational resources to help nonprofits advocate effectively and stay up-to-speed on new laws and regulations affecting their mission-driven work. We hold events, such as our annual Day at the Capitol, to help nonprofits build relationships and lobby policymakers on issues of interest.

Nonprofits can get involved by signing up for email updates or visiting the Public Policy Resources page to read about the latest issues, provide feedback, and take action on key policies impacting Colorado’s nonprofit community.

If you have further questions about this exciting opportunity to strengthen our collective ability to provide high quality education, networking and advocacy for nonprofits in the Pikes Peak Region, as well as nonprofits statewide, please email info@cnecoloradosprings.org or call (719) 575-4341 ext. 10.