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2007 Annual Report

For the Year Ending June 30, 2007





Our Mission:  Promoting the effectiveness of
the nonprofit sector through leadership and
resource development, advocacy and collaboration.





Standards for Excellence

      Convened a committee to design a Standards for Excellence program for the Pikes Peak Region.  The committee determined that the Standards for Excellence Institute in Maryland was the appropriate organization to partner.  Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE) was qualified as a replication partner.  Kick-off for the program will be in October and workshops will be offered beginning November 2007.


Events and Networking Opportunities

      Nonprofit Day engaged more than 300 nonprofit professionals in a luncheon with a keynote speaker, LeAnn Thieman, and two educational sessions.  Twenty-four exhibitors provided information and prizes to the participants. (March)

      Volunteer Day recognized seven outstanding community and corporate volunteers.  CNE also served as the certifying organization to present more than 100 Presidential Service Awards. (April)

      The annual Colorado Conference on Volunteerism and Service-Learning was held in Colorado Springs this year.  CNE provided the administrative and leadership support for this highly successful three-day statewide conference. (February)


Volunteer Center

      Community volunteer matching software and website have been launched at  More than 1,500 referrals have been made this year.

      Board Connections was launched allowing organizations to post openings on their boards and request particular skill-sets.

      Shannon Roth, well-respected nonprofit leader and volunteer advocate, was named Volunteer Center Director.

      CNE gave leadership and administrative support to our local DOVIA (Directors of Volunteers in Agencies) supporting nonprofit volunteer managers.

      We joined as co-chairs for the 2007 Make a Difference Month event which will coordinate more than 2,000 volunteer opportunities.

      Served as an intermediary between community nonprofits and two faith-based organizations, filling more than 3,000 volunteer slots.

      Volunteer Center Director attended the national Points of Light conference on volunteerism bringing back valuable resources, ideas and education for our community.


Front Range Executive Service Corps (FRESC)

      These volunteers are retired executives with a variety of backgrounds.  They offer expert consulting to nonprofit organizations at minimal charges.

      CNE engaged FRESC to review their membership processes and have subsequently improved processes for member acquisition and retention.



      Board Roles and Responsibilities (August 19, December 2, April 14)

      Grantwriting (August 24, January 18)

      Mini-MBA, a two day institute (Nov 3 & 4)

      Workers Compensation safety seminars through a collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau.

      Planned and scheduled future workshops that will focus on Standards for Excellence.


AmeriCorps Promise Fellow Program

      Contract with AmeriCorps was successfully completed in March 2007.  Sixteen nonprofit organizations benefited from having a Promise Fellow during the year.


Nonprofit Directory

      The Nonprofit Directory included more than 400 local nonprofit organizations.  This popular publication was published in partnership with the Colorado Springs Business Journal and presented at Nonprofit Day. 



      Stormwater fees were set to cost nonprofits large amounts of funds.  CNE pulled together leaders from the sector and represented them to the city.  CNE efforts helped to get special rates for nonprofit organizations.

      The Gazette, Colorado Springs Business Journal, and The Independent all published articles about CNE, with quotes from CNE and using data provided by CNE. 

      Two articles regarding Standards for Excellence were published.  (One in The Gazette and one in the Colorado Springs Business Journal)



Website and e-Newsletters

      Our website continues to be a valuable resource for nonprofits, with free listings available for job opportunities and events.  Almost 24,000 hits have been recorded on the site since it was launched in July 2005.

      E-Newsletters were sent to over 800 recipients to communicate opportunities and information. 


CFO Connection

      Ten meetings of the CFO Connection allowed financial professionals to learn and share ideas.  Topics included:  Finances at the City of Colorado Springs, What do CEOs want from their finance people, Ideas for a well-run nonprofit, Human Resource issues, Health benefits, Faith-based fundraising, Childrens issues.


Next Generation

      Next Generation program was merged with Rising Professionals in a collaboration with the Greater Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce.  This group was formed to promote the professional development and civic engagement of local young professionals.  CNE taught Board Roles and Responsibilities to this group and will arrange a special project for them during Make a Difference Month.


Support Functions

      Funders Forum meets monthly and we serve as the administrators.

      DOVIA (Directors of Volunteers in Agencies) has board meetings and educational sessions for which we provide the administration.

      Partners in Philanthropy is a luncheon that celebrates the rich history of philanthropists in the Pikes Peak Region. CNE provides administrative and event support for the Partners in Philanthropy committee.



      To streamline our administration and strengthen our programming, we merged into Pikes Peak United Way effective July 1, 2006.  CNE retained its name, logo, and separate 501c3 status.  The CNE board resigned and named the Pikes Peak United Way board as the new board of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence.





Board Members

Rick Mack (Chair), Mike Edmonds (Vice Chair), Vic Andrews,

David Churchill, Jan Doran, Tamarinde Doane, Dick Kalletta, Jay Kelley,

Jeff Murrell, Tom Naughton, Cari Shaffer, Gary Winegar, Dan Winter


Staff of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence

Lynne Telford, Executive Director

Shannon Roth, Volunteer Center Director

Danielle Hudson, Events Coordinator

Stephanie Willis, Program Coordinator




Summary Financial Statements (unaudited)



Statement of Financial Position at June 30, 2007

























Accounts Receivable







Prepaid Expenses







Fixed Assets net of depreciation



















Accounts Payable and Accruals






Deferred Revenue













Net Assets









































Statement of Activities for the Year Ending June 30, 2007



















Activities, Events, Sponsorships






Grants and Donations







Member Dues














    Total Revenue


































Activities and Events







Other Costs







    Total Expenses














Increase in Net Assets








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