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The Better Business Bureauâ Charity Review Program


What is the BBB Charity Review Program?

Your BBB offers a free Charity Review program for all publicly soliciting charities and other organizations who ask for donations in order that donors can see how these organizations operate and use their funds.  These are produced for national charities by the Wise Giving Alliance or for local charities by you BBB. The service is free.

What is this Wise Giving Alliance?

The BBB Wise Giving Alliance (the Alliance) helps donors make informed giving decisions and advances high standards of conduct among organizations that solicit contributions from the public. The Alliance was formed in 2001 through the merger of the National Charities Information Bureau with the Council of Better Business Bureaus’ Foundation (which housed the Philanthropic Advisory Service.) The merger partners offer over a century of combined experience in charity evaluation.

How do I access a report?

For a national charity, go to For a charity that just solicits in Colorado Springs, go to

As a charity, how will this help me?

These reports show your potential donors, your charity uses good principles in governance, you are wise stewards of your funds, you are truth in your representations, and that you are willing to be “transparent” or disclose information about your charity. In Colorado Springs, we get thousands of people checking our Web site for information on local charities.

What do I have to do to get a review of our charity?

Simple call your BBB at 719-636-5076 and ask for the charity review program or write a request to [email protected]. It’s simple.


Your BBB Charity Review program can also offer other services to nonprofits.  These include:

        Information to help nonprofits organize and get started

Referral phone numbers and Web sites to many resources that can help answer common questions

Programs designed to educate consumers—from teens to seniors—about  frauds, scams and other areas that require trust issues in the marketplace

Networking opportunities

Reliability reports on companies a nonprofit may consider using to make sure the companies provides good service

Free or low cost educational seminars on everything from worker’s compensation issues to marketing ideas


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