2016 nonprofit Day Conference

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2016 Nonprofit Day Conference

Breakout Sessions

We are thrilled to offer more professional development opportunities this year than ever before! Topics include: evaluation and outcome measurements, talent development, board governance, fundraising, financial management, and more. 

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The Art of Strategy Session Full

Presenter: Kimberley Sherwood, Third Sector Group
Frameworks (not plans) are the future! The key to surviving and thriving is the ability to respond quickly to the changing environment. Effective strategic planning helps organizations balance intentional focus with an eye on tapping emerging opportunities. All too often strategic planning processes lack mental toughness, political will, or the shared understanding necessary to narrow an organization's strategic agenda to a realistic and manageable critical few priorities. This workshop will help leaders reimagine their approach to strategic planning in a way that helps board and staff create alignment, articulate organizational priorities supported by business plans that combine programmatic and operational goals with financial forecasts; and a method for streamlined annual plans with clear metrics and timelines. Key take-aways include a strategic framework template, suggested language for engaging leadership in rethinking planning, and a useful bibliography

Crash Course in Marketing & Branding Session Full

Presenter: Jenny Schell & Christopher Schell, Design Rangers
Camp is in session as the Design Rangers show you what it takes to build a traditional and digital marketing presence that matches the passion and purpose of your nonprofit - even on a shoestring budget! The wonderful world of design, photography, content strategy, web platforms, content management systems (CMS), and key marketing insights await everyone attending this Ranger Camp. We will provide you with an easy-to-navigate trail map that combines the right tools and resources to help all nonprofits chart a clear path to marketing success. So pull up your red socks & let's embark on a marketing, branding, and all things web adventure!

Developing a Business Plan for Your Social Enterprise

Presenter: Kathi Gurin, Amy Lester, Care & Share Food Bank/Goal Zero Recycling 
As you embark on the journey of launching a Social Enterprise your starting point is likely to be your personal passion, coupled with a vision of your company's product or service and an undeniable excitement about the social impact you will deliver. But, where to start? This session will take you from €œ'overwhelmed€' to €œ'on your way'€, by outlining 7 key components of a sound Social Enterprise business strategy. The process and tools we use in this workshop will also reinforce an important (and proven) business lesson, which is that you should consider taking the least path of resistance to launching your company; the goal is to fail fast, learn lessons as early as possible, be quick to change, and deliver revenue and social impacts sooner rather than later.

Emotional Intelligence: Your #1 Success Predictor Session Full

Presenter: Crystal Jonas
Re-energize, reboot and refresh your heart and mind in this entertaining, interactive and insightful program about your #1 predictor in your personal and professional success. 

You’ll discover: 
• The surprisingly small amount of information on which your reputation is based 
• A tiny tweak to your self-talk that will transform your attitude and results 
• A perspective shift that will change forever the way you see difficult people 
• A powerful tip to help you be emotionally resilient

Preparing for the Millenial Tsunami: Developing the Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders Session Full

Presenter: Evan Abbott, Mountain States Employers Council (Handout)
Saddled with any number of unflattering stereotypes, the Millennial generation have created a lot of discussion for today's employers. They are 80 million strong and will be the generation that leads nonprofits through much of the 21st Century. Understanding this generation and building your organization’s leadership bench strength will be critical for the success of every nonprofit. This session will focus on better understanding the Millennial Generation and identifying leadership perspectives and strategies to assist your nonprofit in planning for the development of this critical generation of leaders.

The Top 4 HR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them Session Full - Afternoon Session Just Announced! -

Presenter: Joan Rennekamp, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP 
Join HR consultant Joan Rennekamp for a session addressing human resources topics that include some of the biggest stumbling blocks:  selection techniques that don’t work, terminations that backfire, overtime exemptions that don’t comply with the statute, and pay practices that are not consistent.  We will discuss the risk areas for your non-profit and some simple protocols you can put in place to ensure your HR infrastructure supports a productive workforce.  Bring your own best practices to share and walk away with policies you can implement.


Better Board Meetings

Presenters: Emily Davis, Emily Davis Consulting (Handout)
Robert’s Rules of Order. Shared leadership. Rotating roles. Consent agendas. Mission moments. What are the best ways to run more democratic meetings? Spending your and your board’s time reporting out for hours and learning parliamentary procedures is no way to spend a rewarding and engaging meeting. Attend this session and learn about the tips, tricks, and tools for facilitating effective board meetings that will help board members actually look forward to attending!

The Confluence of Organizaitonal Culture, Wellbeing and Employee Benefits in a Techonology Driven World Session Full 

Presenter: Saralyn Crock, Health & Welfare Consulting (Handout)
In this interactive session participants will learn the following:

  • Impact to the organization’s bottom line
  • Employee attraction and retention best practices and benchmarking within the non-profit sector
  • How to engage your population based on your employee demographics
  • How to find and leverage existing technology and resources to the fullest extent

Session geared toward Executive Directors, Human Resources Leaders, Finance Directors, and Engagement/Wellbeing professionals.  

Finish Strong and Close the Gap! 

Presenter: Kimberley Sherwood, Third Sector Group 
We're nearing the 4th quarter...you might be sweating bullets as you stare at your fundraising goals with June 30th looming large. (note: even if your FY doesn't end on 6/30, we'd love to have you!) This collaborative workshop will help you create a year-end gameplan to close the gap between where you are and your fundraising goals. Bring your calendar, activity list, stumbling blocks, and challenges...this is going to be fun!

Great Leaders are Great Communicators Session Full

Presenters: Rose Snyder, Rose Snyder Consulting 
Did you ever notice that the best leaders tend to be great communicators? How do you rate as a communicator? 
Learning and knowing your communication style and that of others helps improve and ensure that the message is strong and delivered in a way that gets results. Communication can be the strength of relationship building or the source of conflict based on miscommunication and misunderstanding. People who master the art of communication ultimately make strong leaders. Attendees will discover through an interactive session and brainstorming the critical components of effective communication and relationship building. 

Protecting Your Nonprofits Profits Session Full

Presenter: Steve Sauer, BKD CPAs & Advisors  (Handout 1, Handout 2, Handout 3)
In an age of uncertainties in the marketplace, changing regulations, higher government scrutiny and increased exposure to fraud and abuse, non-profits need to be made aware of some of the current risks/trends in the industry and some opportunities to mitigate these risks. In this session, you'll answer: 

-What are some of our top tax compliance risks, as an organization, and what can we do to manage them? 
-What are some of our top fraud risks and what internal controls, if implemented, could help to mitigate these risks? 
-Are we sufficiently insured to prevent risk of loss to the organization?

Why Reinvent the Wheel? Best Practices from Real World Case Studies Session Full
Presenter: Beth Steinhorn, JFFixler Group (Handout 1, Handout 2)
With the landscape of volunteerism changing, what better way to learn about new, effective methods than to hear stories of success from across the continent? How are other organizations leveraging skilled volunteers in new ways, engaging family volunteers, and initiating successful volunteer-led initiatives? This presentation will highlight selected leading practices in volunteer engagement and feature case studies of successful innovation. Selected case studies will highlight creating strategic volunteer roles, screening and placement, and evaluation, recognition, and acknowledgement.


Inclusion Matters: What Nonprofit Leaders Need to Know Session Full 

Presenter:Jody Alyn, Jody Alyn Consulting
Sound nonprofit leadership practices & inclusive business practices can'€™t be separated. Few areas are as critical to nonprofit success in contemporary environments as inclusion. And it'€™s not what you think. Participants will learn some meanings of the hot-button word "€œdiversity," ways to demonstrate the opportunity & risk-mitigation that inclusive practices represent for your organization & practical steps you can use immediately to ensure your success & sustainability through inclusive practices.

Intergenerational Panel 

Panelists: Susan Edmondson, Michael Diaz-Rivera, Jan Martin, Michelle Parivinough, James Proby
Moderator: Claire Anderson, Innovations in Aging Collaborative
As we know, each generation has its own distinct characteristics, values, and attitudes, based on its generation’s life experiences. This session's goal is not to stereotype the generations into groups, but to connect with community and business leaders directly on how their experiences have shaped their decisions to engage with the nonprofit sector, whether through volunteerism, philanthropy, or employment. 

Managing a Nonprofit with Strategic Key Performance Indicators & Metrics Session Full

Presenter: Dr. Kent Wilson 
Businesses manage to a single financial bottom line, but nonprofits manage to a triple or quadruple bottom line. Stakeholders are increasingly demanding clear measurements of impacts and performance in all parts of the nonprofit bottom line. This session will help you determine the metrics and key performance indicators that will best reflect the impact and performance of your organization so that you and staff can manage more strategically and communicate more effectively.

Seeing Through Their Eyes: Effective Interactions & Interpersonal Intelligence

Presenter: Lauren Hug, HugSpeak (Handout)
"We judge ourselves by our intentions and others by their behaviors." We all want to be heard, understood, and treated with dignity. But we often fail to listen, understand, and treat others with the same dignity we seek. The failure is rarely intentional. It stems from focusing on our own perspective instead of considering things from a different view. This session will explore the conseqeuences of unexamined perspectives and equip you with tools to see through the eyes of others - your staff, colleagues, bosses, and family. 

The Top 4 HR Mistakes and How to Avoid Them 

Presenter: Joan Rennekamp, Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP 
Join HR consultant Joan Rennekamp for a session addressing human resources topics that include some of the biggest stumbling blocks:  selection techniques that don’t work, terminations that backfire, overtime exemptions that don’t comply with the statute, and pay practices that are not consistent.  We will discuss the risk areas for your non-profit and some simple protocols you can put in place to ensure your HR infrastructure supports a productive workforce.  Bring your own best practices to share and walk away with policies you can implement.

"We Become What We Think About": Change Your Story, Change Your Life Session Full 

Presenter: Mike Gemm, For Impact | The Suddes Group (Handout)
In this session, we will be focused on how our thoughts and our story impact our organizations, teams, and ourselves – which impacts our focus, our boards, and our funding.  Change your story… Change your life (and beyond!). We’ll be working on making your story even more awesome through tools and frameworks that have raised over $2Billion over the past 30+ years. This session will give you:

  • Story examples
  • Actionable tools to discover your story
  • Frameworks to help you change your organization, team, and/or individual story