2015 nonprofit Day Conference

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2015 Nonprofit Day Conference

Breakout Sessions

We are thrilled to offer more professional development opportunities this year than ever before! Topics include: evaluation and outcome measurements, talent development, board governance, fundraising, financial management, and more. We're still adding sessions, so check back often for new descriptions.  

The 2015 Nonprofit Day Conference is SOLD OUT!
If you already have a ticket through a sponsor and need to register for sessions, please check out the breakout sessions and email CNE your choices. 


The Dos & Don’ts of Endowments - HANDOUT

Join experts from the nonprofit and corporate sectors to learn best practices of endowments and explore some of the misconceptions, risks and rewards associated with them. Whether your organization has an established endowment or is exploring soliciting for this type of bequest, you’ll walk away from this session for 360-degree of endowments. Steve Sauer has a large client base of national and local nonprofits with significant endowments and David Dahlin and Cari Karns oversee a $15 million endowment at the FAC.

Communicate Your Impact: Branding & Storytelling

Presenter: Jesse Marble, Magneti Marketing
In a world of smartphones and social media, many nonprofits struggle to tell their unique story of impact and vision. During this session, we'll look at tools for building a brand presence, and why it is more than just a one-time campaign of the communications department. This session is for all professionals who want to tell their story more effectively- not just the marketing/communications team!

Get Clarity on Your Ask! HANDOUT

Presenters: Christi-Marie Butler & Mike Gemm, For Impact | The Suddes Group
Have you found yourself struggling to figure out how much funding to ask for? Wish you had clarity about what in your organization really needs funding? Join us as we take the mystery out of your organization's "math" - and how to transform that new knowledge into clear and compelling asks for your prospects. We'll walk you through a simple process of asking the right questions internally, and authentically framing your funding cases. You'll walk away with some fantastic tools and the confidence that you can bring in the income that will best support your organization's IMPACT. This session is for anyone involved fundraising, especially those meeting directly with funders.

Nonprofit Start-Up

Presenter: Tammy Sayles, El Pomar Nonprofit Resource Center
Are you thinking about starting a nonprofit? Have you begun the process but have questions about your next steps? This session will: explore the nonprofit climate in the region; assess your readiness; present alternatives to starting a nonprofit; delve into the steps before filing your paperwork (i.e. board development, fundraising, by-laws, etc.). This workshop is for participants on the spectrum of having an idea for a nonprofit to deciding what your next step is to submitting your Form 1023.

Reclaim Your Board’s Role as Steward - HANDOUT

Presenter: Dr. Kent Wilson, Nonprofit Leadership Exchange
Nonprofit boards and board members have often been confused by their role in the organization: are they the implicit owners, the governing body, the policy makers, or the public trustees? Workshop participants will benefit from: 1) a clear understanding of the interrelationships between board, ED and stakeholders, 2) practical recommendations on how the board can function more effectively in its stewardship role, and 3) honest suggestions on how the board can meaningfully engage with stakeholders.

Yes, You Can! Lobbying & Advocacy for 501(c)3s

Presenter: Barb Van Hoy
Many nonprofit organizations are losing out on a vital avenue for achieving their missions by not engaging in the public policy realm. This workshop dispels the persistent myth that nonprofits are not allowed to lobby, and it will provide a toolkit to get you started. Participants will gain an understanding of the IRS rules, state guidelines, and best practices for nonprofit lobbying and advocacy. Case studies will highlight effective approaches to advocacy and help you build your own organization's leadership and capacity to extend your influence where public policy impacts your mission.


Board Meetings That Make a Difference HANDOUT

Presenter: Emily Davis, Emily Davis Consulting
Mission moments. Robert’s Rules of Order. Consent agendas. What are the best ways to run board and committee meetings? Spending your time reporting out for hours is no way to spend a board meeting. Attend this session and learn about the tips, tricks, and tools for facilitating effective and engaging board meetings that will help members actually look forward to attending! Ideal for board members, executive directors, and leadership staff.

Bridging the Gap

Presenters: Amber Cote, Care & Share Food Bank; Aimee Liotino, Mile High Youth Corps 
Learn how to create a culture of volunteerism that welcomes both younger and experienced professionals through targeted recruitment strategies and relationship building. Learn how to build relationships from a holistic perspective that encompasses all backgrounds, ages, and the volunteer as a whole person.

Evaluation: From Bean Counting to Measuring Impact HANDOUT

Presenters: Aubrey Day & Mina Liebert, LiveWell Colorado Springs; Lisa Harner, Kaiser Permanente Institute for Health Research; Jen Smith, Applied Research Solutions, Inc.
Depth of evaluation in an organization depends on resources and knowledge of best practices. This session will examine why evaluation matters, discuss the fundamentals of evaluation procedures, and provide scalable resources to strengthen your organization’s capacity. Attendees will walk away with an understanding of where their evaluation is today and where you want to take it in the future. For any organizational staff or board members willing to take a deeper look at their impact and improving their evaluation techniques.


Presenter: Kaiser Permanente Educational Theater Programs
Feeling bogged down or stressed out? Looking for ways to incorporate a little more fun and play at work or home? Every part of this session will support the evidence that laughter is good medicine! This interactive workshop will present ideas, activities, and stats on the importance of laughter for overall wellbeing. Walk away with ways for you and your team to incorporate some fun into every day. Step away from your computer, put down your pen, and discover the value of laughter and play!

Sharing Your Nonprofit Umbrella

Presenter/Moderator: Sara Barad, Pikes Peak Community Foundation
Panel: Nora Hardin, Pikes Peak Arts Council; Natalie Johnson, Manitou Art Center; Greg Smith, New Horizons Foundation
Many community projects and leaders are looking to partner with existing nonprofit organizations to minimize administrative overhead and maximize community impact. This session will explore fiscal sponsorship through a brief overview and feature a panel of nonprofit leaders whose organizations act as fiscal sponsors. They will discuss their processes, successes, and "lessons learned" about fiscal sponsorship. Attendees will leave the session with a better idea of what fiscal sponsorship means and what is involved in accepting and maintaining fiscal sponsor projects.

Speed Consulting

Private session with experts in various fields from the Front Range Executive Service Corps. You identify the topic(s) and FRESC will match you with one of their 25 consultants for a 75-minute consulting session. CNE will contact you about your specific organizational needs before the conference.


Break Out of the Fundraising Funk HANDOUT

Presenter: Dr. Leah Weiner, Division for Early Childhood
Is your fundraising in a funk? Are you focusing too much on one way to raise funds and ignoring other opportunities? Developing a fundraising strategy helps you focus your efforts to ensure you yield the strongest results. This workshop will review key components of the fundraising planning process. In this interactive session, participants will learn how to: assess your current fundraising plan; determine the best sources to pursue for your organization's current environment; take the right steps to ensure success; and utilize a fund development planning toolkit.

Funders World Café

Guest Funders: Eric Cefus, Pikes Peak Community Foundation; Jacob Eichengreen, Nor'wood Development; Noel Gugliotta, El Pomar Foundation; Mia Ramirez, Kaiser Permanente; David Siegel, Bee Vradenburg Foundation
Join foundation staff for a “world café” style conversation. Drawing on several integrated design principles, the world café methodology is a simple, effective and flexible way to promote dialogue for large groups of people. Come together with other nonprofit professionals and grantmakers for a session of conversation, questions, and sharing perspectives. Due to the nature of world café style and the length of the session, participants will not meet all funders but have opportunity to meet at least three. This is a solicitation free event. One person/organization.

Theory of Change: Strategic Planning for Nonprofits - HANDOUT SESSION FULL!

Presenter: Emily Davis, Emily Davis Consulting
A critical component of board governance is setting the strategic direction and oversight of the nonprofit organization. Join in on a conversation on the importance, process, and purpose of strategic planning in any organization including board and staff roles in the process and successful implementation and accountability.

Your Board as a Strategic Asset

Presenter: Kimberley Sherwood, Third Sector Group 
Your board of directors is one of the essential assets your organization has to fuel growth, catalyze change, and meet your mission/vision. Our conversation will dive into board governance from the lifecycle perspective and identify a handful of key distinctions that will help you better tap the brilliance and passion around your board table to move your organization forward.