CNE is behind the scenes helping nonprofits strengthen our community as they save, change, and impact lives.

CNE’s Mission

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence strengthens Southern Colorado’s nonprofit sector through
leadership and resource development, advocacy, and collaboration.

  • Our History

    CNE believes nonprofits are essential to a thriving, collaborative community. We have served Southern Colorado’s nonprofits since 1991. We strengthen the nonprofit sector through leadership and resource development, advocacy, and collaboration. Our member organizations are robust and diverse, all with different missions and budget sizes. We offer programs and connect you with resources so you can achieve your mission more effectively. Originally part of the Chamber of Commerce, the Center later became an affiliate of Pikes Peak United Way for ten years. CNE remains true to the original mission to promote, support, and strengthen the nonprofit sector, and has increased programming to meet demand and positively impact the greater good of our region.

  • What We Do

    We are your first-stop nonprofit shop. Every day we provide valuable resources to nonprofits, businesses, and individuals to ultimately benefit Southern Colorado - like awesome workshops, collaborative events, and roundtables that connect you with your peers. For over twenty years, CNE has been a champion for all causes and missions within the Pikes Peak nonprofit community. We connect people and organizations with the tools they need to be successful and achieve their own missions. Our team meets you where you are and provides ways to increase your effectiveness, so you can increase your impact. We love what we do and hope you’ll join us in making our community better.

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Members of the Center for Nonprofit Excellence have access to a wide variety of programs, services, and products to help members achieve their missions more efficiently and effectively, access personal and professional development.

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Find opportunities for relationship building and resource sharing. Some of these benefits are available only to members; others are available to non-members for an increased fee.

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