Partners in Philanthropy

Partners in Philanthropy Celebration

Started in 1999, Partners in Philanthropy has been a true celebration, honoring both philanthropic efforts of the past and recognizing current achievement of individuals, foundations, and businesses with a strong commitment of giving back. Presented in partnership with Funders Forum and the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, the event provides an opportunity to say thank you to those dedicated to philanthropy and welcome those who have been impacted by their contributions to celebrate. Over the last 18 years, we have honored more than 75 foundations, individuals, and organizations committed to making our community better. We hope to inspire and encourage giving as you explore the past award winners.

View “Our Philanthropic Heritage” Film Series

Part One

Fearturing Bill Hybl, Bob McHugh, Ed & Mary Osborne, and Barbara Yalich

Watch Part One

Part Two

Featuring Peggy Shivers, Hal Littrell, and Bob Baker

Watch Part Two

Past Winners

2015  Melanie & Randy Lindsay-Brisbin
2014   Mari Sinton-Martinez and Paul Martinez
2013   Lyda Hill
2012   Barron Collier II
2011   Sally Veitch
2010   Gayle Beshears
2009   Chuck Murphy
2008   John Street
2007   Jay Cimino
2006   Dr. Thomas R. Bates
2005   Howard and Jane Price
2004   John and Margot Lane
2003   Katherine Loo
2002   Ed and Mary Osborne
2001   Dusty Loo
2000   Joe Woodford
2015  Nutrition Camp School Foundation
2014   The H.A. & Mary K. Chapman Charitable Trust and The Mary K. Chapman Foundation
2013   Gates Family Foundation
2012   Colorado Springs Osteopathic Foundation
2011   The Bruni Foundation
2010   Daniel’s Fund
2009   The Leighty Foundation
2008   Pikes Peak United Way
2007   The Myron Stratton Home
2006   Anna Keesling Ackerman Trust
2005   Bee Vradenburg Foundation
2004   Inasmuch Foundation
2003   Shepfield Foundation
2003   Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado
2002   Bank One Charitable Trust
2001   Joseph Henry Edmondson Foundation
2000   El Pomar Foundation
2015  Mountain View Electric Association, Heuberger Motors
2014  Mountain Equipment Recyclers, Spectranetics
2013  Rampart Supply, Inc
2012  Berwick Electric
2011  KKTV Channel 11, WalMart
2010  Kasier Permanente, Colorado Technical University
2009  Bristol Brewing Company, Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mining Company
2008  GE Johnson, Booz Allen Hamilton
2007  US Bank, USAA Foundation
2006  American Medical Response, Ent Federal Credit Union
2005  Huntley Thatcher & Ellsworth, Wells Fargo Bank
2004  Memorial Hospital, Classic Companies
2003  Pepsi-Cola/Lane Sales, Gazette Charities
2002  American National Bank, Intel Corporation
2001  Kaiser Permanente, Agilent Technologies
2000  Grffis/Blessing, Colorado Springs Utilities
2014  Captain Dan
2013  Wildfire Tees
2012  Wendel Torres & Scott Blackmun
2011  Dawn White
2010  Sue Foerster & Thomas Bates
2009  Tom Naughton
2008  Phil Lane & James Loo
2007  Phil Kendall
2006  Mary Flemke
2005  Dennis Weber
2004  Ken Keene & Frieta Keluche
2003  Jon Stepleton
2002  Barbara Yalich
2001  Davis Johnston
2000  Leslie Cook
2015 Peggy Shivers
2013   Joe Woodford
2012 Margot Lane
2010 Barbara Yalich
2013 Chelise Foster
2013 Lisa Tessarowicz
2014 Leighty Foundation
2015 Doherty High School Student Council
2013 Brian Lee
2010 Will Koinzan
The difference between charity and philanthropy is the distance of the soul… To be philanthropic is to give something, to be charitable is to give one’s own heart.
Maya Angelou