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CNE is dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve by providing high-quality affordable consulting services to nonprofits leaders and boards seeking to address critical organizational issues. Our services are provided by dedicated and experienced volunteers who are committed to making a difference in their community through pro-bono work. Volunteer consultants come from a variety of backgrounds including finance, nonprofit management, strategic planning, human resources, project management and sales.

Nonprofit agencies are charged a small fee for services, based on the agency’s operating budget and contracted scope of work. Our consultants donate their time and expertise; we charge small fees to cover overhead expenses and ensure the commitment of agency leadership. Because of our structure, our services are much more affordable than standard consulting.

Volunteers are a critical strategy to helping CNE achieve our mission. CNE recruits working, semi-retired and retired professionals to volunteer in various capacities with our Executive Service Corps program.

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Skills-Based Volunteers

Skills-based volunteering (SBV) is an innovative approach that is rapidly gaining recognition as a powerful driver of both social impact and business value. SBV utilizes the skills, experience, talents and education of volunteers and matches them with the needs of nonprofits. SBV is a strategic type of volunteerism that exponentially expands the impact of nonprofits by incorporating a whole range of skills that strengthen the operations and services of nonprofit organizations. CNE’s volunteers are part of our team. We believe in skills-based volunteering and match volunteers’ skills and expertise with the passion they have for serving nonprofits and giving back to their community.

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“If you’re going to talk about nonprofit excellence, you have to talk about volunteers and volunteer engagement.” Jane Leighty Justis, Leighty Foundation