Nonprofit Day March 4, 2011- Antlers Hilton


 Event Sponsor

Wells Fargo Insurance Services



Event Sponsor


   Exhibit hall

 One-on-One consulting

Front Range Executive Service Corps (FRESC)


 Luncheon speakers

Jan Masaoka (Blue Avocado), Dave Somers (CNE), Brenda Smith (El Pomar trustee)


 Event sponsors

Denny Weber (Wells Fargo Insurance Services) and Kimberly McKay (BKD, LLP)







































Volunteer Day April 19, 2011



Aimee Liotino (emcee), Isaac Ring (Panel Moderator)

   Pikes Peak Library District
   American National Bank
   Aimee Liotino emcee, Patricia Kule, Rafael Chanza
   Becky Ruder, Juliet Hays, Jack Dillon, Pathway ACCESS Centers
 Gwen Stein (kaleidoscope winner), Aimee Liotino (emcee)


Dave Somers, Aimee Liotino, Rob Quirk, and Lynne Telford

Partners in Philanthropy September 29, 2010

   Partner in Philanthropy Posters

Awards Winners                                               

Greg  Mitchell (Colorado Technical University), Gayle Beshears, Thomas Bates and Sue Foerster (Peak Vista Community Health Centers), Rick Spurlock and Steve Baron (Kaiser Permanente), Linda Childeaers (Daniels Fund)



Janet Conover, Barbara Yalich, Cathy Robins and Matt Carpenter

Barbara received the 1st Barbra Yalich Award for inovation in Philanthropy.